The Montana Bowhunter Education Foundation was created as a Montana non-profit corporation in 2011 by Montana bowhunters Paul Martin, Jeff Noble, and Diann Baier. The MBEF was organized for the purpose of researching, and preserving the history of bow hunting and archery in Montana. bod.jpgThe invention and evolution of the bow and arrow is an integral and important event in human history, and Montana has a rich history in the use and development of archery equipment, from the Paleoindians, ( the ancient tribes that first inhabited the area with primitive weapons), to the modern longbow, recurve, compound, and other bows in common use today.

The goal of the MBEF is to develop a museum which would be a stronghold for the preservation and recognition of all past and present archery and bowhunting in Montana to include all bowyers, archery shops, clubs, organizations, manufacturers, annual shoots and events. The organization is working to create a facility in the Flathead Valley which would not only be a museum, but which could accommodate: bow ed classes; a meeting place for archery and bowhunting organizations; to have an annual education and shooting event, and a place to display Montana animals taken with archery equipment. We would also like to help creat and enhance more archery only areas. The organization plans to assist and participate in events that not only promote bowhunting and archery, but to educate the public on the history, and safe use of, the bow and ethical hunting practices.