License Plate

Montana Bowhunter license plate; not just because it looks good on your vehicle, but to let everyone know what we stand for. Preserving our heritage.

The directors of the MONTANA BOWHUNTER EDUCATION FOUNDATION Ltd (MBEF), Paul Martin, Jeff Noble and Diann Baier are proud to announce the availability of the MONTANA BOWHUNTER license plate. The center artwork of the plate was designed by local artist Allen Jimmerson and the camo pattern of the modern day bowhunter is ASAT, a MT based company used with the permission of owners Rob & Jan Smollack. The center artwork, now referred to as the Ghost Mural, had to be lightened up to satisfy highway patrol requirements. This plate was designed to encompass the broad spectrum of archery equipment used in the Montana area. mbef_plate.jpgWe skipped a few thousand years to put the Native American on horse back and then the traditional shooter in the center which shows the first modernization of archery equipment in Montana, and of course the lettering is BLOOD TRAIL red. The MBEF would like to increase the recognition and education of archery and bowhunting in Montana with the development of a museum to memorialize the history and evolution of the bowhunter, starting with the various Native American tribes of the area and to include all local bowyers, past and present archery shops, clubs, and local manufacturers of archery related products. To do this we will strive to research and obtain writings, photos, and other artifacts pertaining to archery and bowhunting. If you have, or know of such items (all donations are tax deductible) they would be greatly appreciated, along with any personal knowledge of bowhunting. Please feel free to contact Paul Martin at (406) 261-4456.

Thank you

The Directors of the MBEF